candidate of biological sciences, leading researcher with the assignment of duties of the head of the laboratory of algology, BIN RAS, curator of the Herbarium of Algae


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floristry, systematics, phytocenology of macrophyte algae from the seas of the Arctic-Atlantic basin and the Arabian (Persian) Gulf.


1. Saratov State University, Mechanics and Mathematics Dept. 1986-1987 (first year).

2. Studying (full course) at St Petersburg State University (SPSU – Biology and Soil Dept.): 1987-1993. Major: Biology, Botany (specialization – Marine Phycology), Minor – Chemistry.

Leader of the Laboratory of Algae, Komarov’s Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, Russia.


Member of the Russian Botanical Society since 2007.

In 2007 was appointed as Curator of Algal Herbarium of Komarov’s Botanical institute, Russian Academy of Science. Algal Herbarium, established in 1840, contain total number of specimens – 600000, more than 3000 species, collected from all over the World Oceans, and more than 400 of type specimens.



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