Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (2003), Professor (2009), Department of «Biology and Ecology» Professor in West Kazakhstan State University named after Makhambet Utemisov, Uralsk, Republic of Kazakhstan [personal page]


Systematics of plants, geobotany, ecology


Member of Russian Botanical Society since 1993


Collateral with BIS Russian Academy of Sciences: prof. Safronova I.N., prof. NovozhilovYu.N., prof. Sytin A.K., prof. Hannibal B.K.; with Lomonosov Moscow State University – prof. Onipchenko V.G., the prof. Klyuykov E.V.; with professor Casimir the Great University,Dr.Sci.Biol., professor Slavomir Kachmarek.


Subjects taught: Botany, plant taxonomy, Biodiversity and the environment, Biogeocenology, Modern problems of plant taxonomy.

The head of initiative scientific subjects on a research of the basin of the Urals River; sheep’s fescue -feather-grass steppes of the West Kazakhstan Region.Research supervisor of 19 master students(undergraduate).


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