Ethics code of scientific publications

Professional ethical guidelines for Editorial Board and publisher

  • The Editorial Board of «Botanicheskii Zhurnal» journal relies on authenticity of ascribed facts and scientific significance of data when making a decision about any publication.
  • The Editorial Board of «Botanicheskii Zhurnal» estimates intellectual content of a manuscript regardless race, gender, sexual identity, religious commitments, citizenship, social background or political preferences of authors.
  • Unpublished facts obtained from the author’s data which were submitted to consideration should not be used for private purposes or conveyed to a third party without a written consent of the author. The information or ideas obtained in the process of editorship and related to some possible benefits are to be held confidential and not be used for self-profit.
  • The Editorial Board of «Botanicheskii Zhurnal» should not accept the publication of facts if there is some reasonable evidence of plagiarism.
  • The Editorial Board of «Botanicheskii Zhurnal» jointly with the publisher should not ignore any complaints concerning the reviewed copies or already published data. They must as well take appropriate measures to restore violated rights in case of a dispute.

Ethical guidelines for reviewer

  • The author’s manuscript submitted for reviewing has to be kept confidential. It is forbidden to pass it to a third party for any familiarization or discussion without authority from the Editorial Board of «Botanicheskii Zhurnal».
  • The reviewer has to give an objective and reasoned estimation of scientific results. Derogatory personal comments about the author are unacceptable.
  • Unpublished data from the author’s manuscripts which were submitted to consideration should not be used by the reviewer for private purposes.
  • The reviewer, without appropriate subject expertise or ability to be objective, for example in case of conflict interests with an author or organization, must inform the Editorial Board of «Botanicheskii Zhurnal» about it and request to be excluded from the reviewing process of the manuscript.

Guidelines for the authors of scientific publications

  • The authors of scientific papers have to provide the authentic results of their research. Intentionally wrong or fabricated data are unacceptable.
  • The authors have to guarantee that the results of the research in the submitted manuscript have totally original authorship. Borrowed parts or statements should be referenced accordingly stating their author and authentic source. The materials with excessive borrowings and plagiarism in any form including unacknowledged quotations, rephrasing or appropriation of rights on results of other researchers are unethical and unacceptable.
  • It is necessary to acknowledge the contribution of all people involved in the process of research. In particular, references to any publications that have been influential during the research should be present in the paper.
  • The authors should not to submit a manuscript which was already put forward to another journal and is under consideration as well as a paper which has already been published in another scientific journal.
  • All people who have made an important contribution to the research have to be designated as the co-authors of a paper. It is improper to mention people who did not take part in the scientific research among the coauthors.
  • Fundamental errors in published works – When an author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in a published work, it is the author’s obligation to promptly notify the editor of «Botanicheskii Zhurnal» journal and cooperate with Publisher to retract or correct the paper. If the editor or the publisher learn from a third party that a published work contains a significant error, it is the obligation of the author to promptly retract or correct the paper.