Doctor of Biological Sciences, Institute of Biology and Chemistry, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow. [personal page]


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Doctoral studies: Moscow State University, 1992, specialty 03.00.05. Botany.
Postgraduate studies: Moscow State University, 1977, specialty 03.00.05. Botany.
Kazan State University, 1973, specialty “Biology”.


A total of 238 publications.

Of the most significant, the latest:
Markov M.V., Yusufova V.Z., Tlyashev I.I. Primordia of lateral roots in the seed embryos of some dicotyledonous annual plants // Electronic “Vestnik MGOU. 2013. No3. S. 1-12.
Markov M.V., Yusufova V.Z. Initial stages of the root system development in three Impatiens Species // Russian Journ.of Developmental Biology. 2013, Vol. 44. Number 4. P. 206–210.
Markov M.V., Yusufova V.Z. The initial stages of the development of root systems in three species of the Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) Subtrog // Ontogenesis. 2013. Volume 44, No. 4. P. 280–286.
Markov M.V. Population biology of plants; Textbook with the stamp of UMO.-M .: KMK Publishing House 2012.- 387 p.
Markov M.V., Zelenkov V.N., Lapin A.A., Kozayeva L.T. Components of the vegetation cover of the Tambov region and their antioxidant status / Collect.monograph. M .: RAEN. 2010. 122 p.