Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS, St. Petersburg [personal page]


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Botanical resource studies, systematics and geography of vascular plants and specifically Lamiaceae family, plant population biology


1993 — Doctoral degree (D. Sc.) in Biology. Habilitation thesis: “Tribe Nepeteae Benth. of Lamiaceae Lindl. family (systematics, geography, potential for use)”

1987 — Candidate’s degree (Ph.D.) in Biology. Thesis: “Genus Dracocephalum L (Lamiaceae) in flora of the USSR (systematics, geography, practical importance)”. Research supervisor R. V. Kamelin.

1983 — graduate of Leningrad state university, Faculty of Biology, Department of Botany

1994–present — Head of the Laboratory of plant resources

2001–2002 — Deputy Director of the Komarov Botanical Institute, RAS

1992–1994 — senior research scientist

1985–1992 — junior research scientist

1974–1985 — research assistant, senior research assistant of the Department of plant resources of the Komarov Botanical Institute, RAS


Vice-President of the Russian Botanical Society


Member of the Academic Board of the Komarov Botanical institute, RAS

Member of the Dissertation Defense Committees of the Komarov Botanical Institute, RAS, and Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy

Chairman of the State Attestation Commission of St. Petersburg State University

Professor, head of the Department of pharmacognosy of Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy

Research supervisor of 6completed Candidate dissertations, scientific consultant of two doctoral candidates.


Russia (northwest, central European part, Northern Caucasus, Cis-Baikal, Trans-Baikal, Yakutia, Primorye, Kamchatka), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Vietnam


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